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The Planner that
Gets Me Through It All

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I find having a planner as a resource helps me cross off all my to-do's but still reminds me to take time for myself and my goals!  It's a great tool to use to stay organized and check-in throughout the week.

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Grab My Planner Copy (for free!)
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By the way, I'm Kate

I know how isolating it can feel to experience stressful events on your own, and so often, we can feel like a burden on our loved ones turning to them for support. So many of us walk around today’s world thinking we have to do it all, to take care of everyone else, and to wear a smile while doing it. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I will hold the space to help you find your inner voice and lead an authentically abundant life. To make sure you’re also caring for you. I don’t practice one-size-fits-all-therapy. Since becoming a licensed therapist in 2016, I’ve practiced following my clients’ lead and used my training as a guide in sharing and integrating their experiences. 

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